Automower 450x – one week after installation.

We returned to a new Automower 450x installation one week later. Our installers took some before and after pictures so you can see how much a lawn can improve in a short time. This is how quickly a quality Robot lawnmower can change your lawn and this is only the start. Our experience with many other 450x installs is that the lawn’s appearance will continue to improve over subsequent months. We have watched as rough paddocks have changed into smooth, lush lawns and the improvements seem to continue from season to season.

The Automwer 450x is currently the highest capacity robot mower in the Husqvarna range and we regularly install them on 1 acre plus lawns. They are able to deal with complex linked, multi-lawn gardens, sometimes with long corridors or drive crossings.

The quickest way to improve the look of your lawn

On the day on the 315 Automower installation
The same lawn roughly 1 month later.

Another example of how quickly a robot lawn mower can change the appearance of your lawn. Do you want a lawn that looks perfect everyday? If the answer is yes, get in touch.

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