Can you cut two or more separate lawns with one robot lawn mower?

One Husqvarna Automower can cut multiple lawns. You can  achieve this with one of the the three methods below.

Different ways to create a secondary area for a robot lawn mower.

Create a passage for the Robot Mower

Install the robot mower so it can travel along a path between lawns. The positioning of the wires become more important the thinner the passage. With careful planning passages can be as small 60cm.  The robot will not be able to mow a passage that is this small but it can use it to transit to another lawn.

Two charging stations for one Robot Lawn Mower

If you are not able to create a channel for the robot to follow then you can have a completely separate charging station on the second area. When you move a Husqvarna automower to the new charging station you will need to pair it to the charging station each time. Create a new loop signal in the security menu.

Create a secondary area for robot lawn mower.

If the secondary’s area is small compared to the total capacity of your robot you can create a loop around this area (8:1 Ratio roughly).  You use the same perimeter cable from your main area. The section of wire between the two areas needs to be together so the robot doesn’t try to drive to this area. Again the downside is you do need to manually move the robot to this area and then back again after it’s finished.

mRobot advice would be.

From our experience a channel to the secondary area is preferred when it is possible.  A guide wire will be needed to ensure that the mower visits the secondary area adequately and is able to return to the base station quickly. The Automower can then be fully automatic and require no intervention on your part.  You will be able to apply different settings, such as the percentage of times you want the mower to start in each section, or you may want a small section cut shorter or longer.  You can set up profiles to achieve this .

Here’s an example 3 lawns cut with one robot lawn mower

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  • David Caple Reply

    Hi, thanks for the article. My question is not quite the same issue but related … how would you set up a temporary restricted area on a lawn say to protect as area with spring bulbs such as daffodils? Do you know if anyone has a switching device that can redirect to flow through a structured perimeter wire layout so areas can be restricted or opened up on demand. I cannot see that ‘zoning’ or ‘area sectioning’ of lawns cannot do this.

    13/04/2021 at 10:08
    • Chris Harrison Reply

      Hi David,

      So at the moment the easiest solution is to put up some type of physical barrier during the period the flowers are in season and then remove when you want the area to be cut. You can use a barrier designed by husqvarna or you can make something yourself. Another option is to lay wire and the cut and reconnect with waterproof connecters. You idea of a switch can be possible but its not something husqvarna provide so you would need to source at an electrical wholesalers.
      Hope this helps you a bit.

      13/04/2021 at 16:06

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