All Wheel Drive Robot Lawnmower !

New for 2019 the All-Wheel-Drive Automower is here!   (Automowers 435x AWD and 535x AWD)

Cutting grass on slopes has been a problem for some time.  Wheels slipping, machines tipping and seizing engines are a few things that can happen.

So here we  have Husqvarna making history again and providing an excellent solution for slopes up to 70% or 35 Degrees. Prevous models where able to cut grass on slopes up to 45% or 24 Degrees.

To achieve this all of the wheels have drive but the other designed feature of All-Wheel-Drive Robotic Lawnmower is it articulates and twists  giving it  great maneuverability on grass slopes and rough terrain.






These New Models will come with most up to date robotic lawnmower features.

  • Automower Connect–   adjust the settings and remotely control your robotic mower
  • Automower® Access – interact intuitively via high resolution color display and jog wheel (Automower® 435X AWD)
  • Ultrasonic sensors-  Remote object detection makes the mower slow down before bumping into an object
  • GPS- Assisted navigation ensures uniform cutting result in complex gardens.


These Pictures should give you some idea of the slope capability we are talking about.

This gradient of slope is a challenge to walk up let alone mow!

Husqvarna Promotional video 





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