Can a Robot mower save you money!

Sometimes yes and sometimes no.

For a small garden a robot mower is a luxury , in money terms it will cost more than a petrol, battery or electric alternative.

For medium to large gardens a robot mower will in many cases, help you save money compared to your previous mower.

Savings are greatest when replacing a petrol-powered ride on mower with an Automower or Imow.  The initial cost and running costs can be cheaper than a ride on. No trips to the petrol station, No need for a garage to store a large machine.  Some customers previous to owning a robot mower had two petrol machines, a ride on and pedestrian walk behind to allow them to deal with the whole lawn completely. Robot mowers can replace both machines and easily allow maintenance of both large open lawns, and small intricate areas.  Each year you can save money and enjoy having a perfectly cut lawn.

Even where there is no monetary value to be saved you will save a lot of time. The value of this is down to the individual but in today’s world its becoming more and more important. 


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