Robot lawn mower house

Should you provide you robotic lawn mower with a house? Does it really need a roof over its head?

robot mower wooden house production

We would recommend that you do cover your robot lawn mower. Almost all robotic lawnmowers are weather proof but covering with a canopy or a wooden house etc will defiantly pay off after years of use.

Like keeping a car in a garage the outer chassis will look better and remainder stronger for longer.

As well as keeping your robot safe in the event of serious storms or snow.

Here at mRobot we provide a small range of robot lawn mower homes. Wooden, aluminum and plastic. They each have benefits and disadvantages. Wooden homes often look the nicest but will need yearly wood treatment to give them a longer life. Plastic is the lightest and easy to remove and install, it will also last a long time although the shine will fade after a few years. Aluminium is the best solution for the long term although not the best looking structure to have in your garden.

Robotic lawn mower House

Also before making or buying a robot lawn mower house make sure its suitable for your machine. Not all robot lawnmowers can have a kennel style housing due to the method they return to charge. If your machine follows the perimeter wire to return home then you will most likely need to buy a canopy style housing like the picture below. If you robot returns via a guide wire which enters the charging station from the front the its often possible to have a full kennel style home for your robot mower.

Husqvarna Housing

Buy your robot lawn mower a home today.

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