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I have purchased two Husqvarna automowers; one a 305 for my large garden and one 330X for my parents, who have a very large and complex lawn. The mowers very occasionally get stuck but are easily restarted. The lawns are in better condition than before and I have so much more free time for other things. I would recommend them to everyone and have no idea why anyone would buy a standard mower now these are available.

In particular I can recommend the team at Mincost who have been most helpful, both during the installation process and with any after care questions or needs we have had.

L LlewellynCustomer

We have had it for nearly 3 months now and it has certainly made our life much easier.
We believe it was a good investment and would highly recommend it.
Our garden is now looking better than it has looked for a long time,  as it gives me more time to look after the flower borders & shrubs.
We have had comments from many people regarding the grass.  One recent one made to our son,  when he was asked  if he was local,  was,  ” Oh, that house with the beautiful lawns.”
The grass has certainly  greatly  improved in looks and  even feels better to walk on.
Many thanks for your excellent service.

B JayneCustomer

I would highly recommend an automower, it freed up an incredible amount of time for us.

Whilst they are expensive, particularly the Husqvarna brand, when set against the cost of alternatives such as sit on mowers, the cost is very justifiable.

The lawn had improved, perhaps not right now due to the long hot spells, but prior to that absolutely yes, it looked superb every day.

 We all now think of ‘DEXTER’ as part of the family!


D PenhaleCustomer

We have half an acre in a (Welsh) slope and with various trees and plants everywhere. The selection of product and installation / set up was so easy. It runs perfectly and the grass quality after 2 years is very impressive. I strongly recommend (and already have to friends) Mincost services !

Herve Dehareng Customer

We have three large lawn areas that are interconnected and at first I was extremely dubious as to whether a robot Lawnmower was the way to go. Chris assured me and we installed and Set up the Automower. We have named it Fergal. For first week we required some fine tuning but after that it just mows and mows and mows and our lawn quality has improved dramatically. Fergal has been working for over a year and we are absolutely delighted with him, I would highly recommend that Mincost install one for you immediately.

Mr R TyzackCustomer

“I bought a Husqvarna 450X Automower after I had seen one working at a nearby property and I could not be more delighted with it. It runs unattended and all I have to do is sit and watch the lawn improve day-by-day (and occasionally strim around the edges).

It may have an initial cost equivalent to a cheaper ride-on mower but it has a number of significant advantages over a ride-on mower:
1. There are no grass cuttings to dispose of and the lawn is continually being improved by the mulching of the fine grass clippings.
2. It is cheaper to run and more environmentally friendly. The electricity usage is trivial compared to the cost of petrol. The annual servicing by Mincost is cheaper than an annual service of a ride-on.
3. The grass is always at the perfect length
4. It is quiet and unobtrusive

It is the best garden investment I ever made. I cannot recommend it highly enough. If you have a lawn or lawns that you do not want to mow with a push mower because it is too time-consuming or too awkward then in my view you should be looking at an automower and not a ride-on. Since my immediate neighbour saw mine at work, he has now discarded his ride-on and bought a 450X like me!

Although you can buy the install kit and do it yourself, I would say that the small additional cost of having it done by an expert is well worth it and, since he installed it, Chris has at Mincost has been most helpful and always available to offer help and advice. I would definitely recommend Mincost for the experience they have in selecting the correct model to suit the area and complexity and their experience in a wide variety of installations”

M DowlingCustomer

“Now that we have an Automower, the weekend chore of mowing the lawn is no longer! We cannot recommend Automowers and Mincost highly enough. Chris surveyed our garden and recommended the best Automower model. A few weeks later he came to carry out the installation and that was it! We have not mowed our lawn for the last three months and, what is more, the lawn is in the best condition it has ever been”

P BoardmanCustomer

Very pleased with my Automower experience from Mincost, best gardening investment I’ve ever made.  With a large garden,in the growing season, I’ve now saved myself a day a week mowing – well worth it !

S WheelerCustomer

Recently bought 450x Husqvarna automower from and installed by Mincost. Delighted with results and any initial doubts about its ability to cope with my sloping ground and complex layout long gone. Excellent help and advice from Chris throughout.

Patrick MillsCustomer

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