Robot lawn mower house

Should you provide you robotic lawn mower with a house? Does it really need a roof over its head?

robot mower wooden house production

We would recommend that you do cover your robot lawn mower. Almost all robotic lawnmowers are weather proof but covering with a canopy or a wooden house etc will defiantly pay off after years of use.

Like keeping a car in a garage the outer chassis will look better and remainder stronger for longer.

As well […]

Automowers working all over the UK in well known locations

Robotic lawn mowing is not a new concept. Its been available for 30 years and in some Scandinavian countries over 50% of lawn mowers are robotic.

Here in the UK Husqvarna Automower are popping up at some very well known and famous locations. We thought providing a list of these locations will help to give you the confidence that choosing a robotic lawn mower to maintain your grass is the right decision.

The list blow shows locations Husqvarna Automowers […]

What height is the grass on a golf Course?

Have you ever wondered what is the height of the grass on a golf course, here is the quick answer for each section.

The height of grass on a golf course is very important it ranges from 3.5mm on the green to 50mm on the semi-rough.

A golf green is kept between 3.5mm -7.5mm. often it is cut using a specialist reel mower once a day.

The grass at the Tee is kept between 8-12mm again very short and […]

Comparing the 450x and 430x Husqvarna Automower

The top-selling models from Husqvarna which offer the highest cutting capacities and lowest noise levels and the most advanced features.

What are the main differences?

The appearance

First look and the Automower 450x and 430x appear very similar and that is because they are. If you look closely you will notice that the top chassis is slightly different, this is because the 450x Automower has ultrasonic sensors. Apart from this, the machines look almost identical.

Ultrasonic sensors will slow the 450x Automower […]

Husqvarna Rough Terrain Kit for Robot Mowers

Husqvarna Automowers can climb slopes up to 24 degrees and in 2019 a AWD Automower was launched that can climb 35 degrees. The rough terrain kit we stock, are for Automower models 310, 315, 315x, 420, 430x, 440 and 450x.

When do you need a rough terrain kit?

When you have Grass slopes which exceed 20 degreesYour lawn is unevenThe boundary of your lawn slopes away more than 10 degrees

What do you get in the box?

The […]

New Automower Endurance Blades

New Automower Endurance Blades

We now have in stock the new Husqvarna Endurance Automower blades. They are brilliant and they provide more than twice the lifetime when compared to the original Automower blades. The patented design allows for a harder and sharper edge. This without compromising on safety standards and provides cutting edges on all four sides. The blades are slotted, and this allows the blade to swivel around and present a different cutting edge on every turn of […]

Why you should have a robot mower.

Robot mowers are life-changing.
This article will explain how a robot mower can change your life by giving you time for other things – and it will save you money.  Are you fed up with mowing your lawn? Paying to have your grass cut?  Or maintaining an expensive ride-on mower?  You don’t need to do it anymore.  Lawn mowing can be time consuming and hard work; and a healthy lawn doesn’t come easily.  But there is a new hi-tech solution […]

Robot Lawn Mower Vs Ride On Lawn mower

Robot Lawn Mower Vs Ride On Lawn Mower
The fight is on!!! Which is better? A robot lawn mower or a ride on lawn mower.
We are going to look at and compare the following aspects ?

Slope Performance
Size and Complexity of the Lawn
Lawn Appearance

Slope Performance
First up the Ride On Lawn Mower has a slope performance of around 15 Degrees. Safety being the main factor here,  tipping a ride on mower can me very dangerous!
The second  issue is a 4 Stroke engine requires […]

All Wheel Drive Robot Lawnmower !

New for 2019 the All-Wheel-Drive Automower is here!   (Automowers 435x AWD and 535x AWD)
Cutting grass on slopes has been a problem for some time.  Wheels slipping, machines tipping and seizing engines are a few things that can happen.
So here we  have Husqvarna making history again and providing an excellent solution for slopes up to 70% or 35 Degrees. Prevous models where able to cut grass on slopes up to 45% or 24 Degrees.

To achieve this all of the wheels […]

Differences between Self Install or Professional Robot Lawnmower Install

Whats involved if you do the robot Lawnmower installation your self
Choosing the correct Robot Lawnmower for your lawn.
You will need to buy the materials, Loop wire, Pegs, Couplers and connectors.  These can be bought individually or you can buy prepacked  installation kits to suit different size areas and complexities. Estimating how much you need can be difficult and your more than welcome to get in touch if you need assistance. Buy Materials Here
Each robot Lawnmower comes with instructions for how […]