Comparing the 450x and 430x Husqvarna Automower

The top-selling models from Husqvarna which offer the highest cutting capacities and lowest noise levels and the most advanced features.

What are the main differences?

The appearance

First look and the Automower 450x and 430x appear very similar and that is because they are. If you look closely you will notice that the top chassis is slightly different, this is because the 450x Automower has ultrasonic sensors. Apart from this, the machines look almost identical.

Ultrasonic sensors will slow the 450x Automower down before it bumps into any obstacles.

what size lawns can they cut?

Husqvarna Automower 430x can cut an open working area up to 3200m2 (just under 1 acre) Area per hour 135m2

Husqvarna 450x can cut an open working area up to 5000m2. (1 1/4 acres) area per hour 210m2

The area of both machines can cut is reduced with complexity and slopes. The 450x has a larger battery capacity 10.4 ah compared to the 430x 5.2 ah. this allows for greater running times before it needs to charge. It also has the ability to run at a faster pace when in open areas, this is part of the reason the 450x has ultrasonic sensors.

Cutting a complex lawn and slopes

Both the Automower 450x and the Automower 430x can cut complex lawns. The main difference which gives the 450x a better performance when cutting a complex are is the addition of an extra guide wire. Guide wires are wires which are laid from the charging station out to remote areas of the lawn.

The maximum incline is the same for both machines 45% / 24.5 Degrees.

So to summarize the main differences between a 450x and 430x Automower are below

  • 450x Automower has a larger battery capacity
  • 450x Automower has ultrasonic sensors
  • 450x Automower has an extra guide wire to help with very complex lawns
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