5 most common robot mower questions we get from people looking to buy a robotic lawn mower?

Can you sharpen the blades on a husqvarna robot mower.

Answer NO, and the automower blades are very inexpensive so we would never suggest you do this.

Can an robot mower drive across drives and patios?

Answer is Yes, Most of the time we can achieve this.

Can  a robot mower cope with fallen branches?

Again Yes, Husqvarna automower has blades which pivot when hitting obstacles like this. Although we would still always advise you clear these objects as soon as possible. Other brands use a guard around the blade which should catch foreign object before they hit.

What will a robot mower do to leaves? 

If would be really nice if they collected them but that features does exist yet …. Leaves will remain on the ground but will small slits in them, you will still need to pick them up. You may also find a build up of leaves on the wheels, so brushing the wheels may also be required.

Can a robotic lawn mower cut long grass?

So this does depending on the model you have chosen to buy.  Larger robotic lawn mowers can cut grass up to 15 cm high but this is not how they are designed to operate.  They are design to cut little and often are therefore your lawn never grows longer than your desired height.

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