Automowers working all over the UK in well known locations

Robotic lawn mowing is not a new concept. Its been available for 30 years and in some Scandinavian countries over 50% of lawn mowers are robotic.

Here in the UK Husqvarna Automower are popping up at some very well known and famous locations. We thought providing a list of these locations will help to give you the confidence that choosing a robotic lawn mower to maintain your grass is the right decision.

The list blow shows locations Husqvarna Automowers […]

What height is the grass on a golf Course?

Have you ever wondered what is the height of the grass on a golf course, here is the quick answer for each section.

The height of grass on a golf course is very important it ranges from 3.5mm on the green to 50mm on the semi-rough.

A golf green is kept between 3.5mm -7.5mm. often it is cut using a specialist reel mower once a day.

The grass at the Tee is kept between 8-12mm again very short and […]

The best robotic lawn mower for a small garden.

Customers ask us: what is the best robotic lawn mower for a small garden? They see a huge range of robotic products on the market and the choice is vast, so how do they narrow it down?
Researching the market
Here at mrobot the team now have many years of experience with all types of installation. We’ve seen many robots working in different situations and we have seen those that work well, and those that don’t. It’s fair to say, that […]

Comparing the 450x and 430x Husqvarna Automower

The top-selling models from Husqvarna which offer the highest cutting capacities and lowest noise levels and the most advanced features.

What are the main differences?

The appearance

First look and the Automower 450x and 430x appear very similar and that is because they are. If you look closely you will notice that the top chassis is slightly different, this is because the 450x Automower has ultrasonic sensors. Apart from this, the machines look almost identical.

Ultrasonic sensors will slow the 450x Automower […]

Disadvantages of a Robotic Lawnmower…

Although we believe the positives of owning a Robotic Lawn Mower far outweigh the negatives we still believe its good to highlight the negatives.
Below is a short list of things which can be considered bad.

 Stripes, Robotic lawnmowers cant achieve stripes.
Robotic Lawnmowers can get stuck in holes or on objects which may have been left out on the lawn.
You can only cut grass in the designated area.
Its not practical to use one robot on multiple properties.

Not a big list …. […]

5 most common robot mower questions we get from people looking to buy a robotic lawn mower?

Can you sharpen the blades on a husqvarna robot mower.
Answer NO, and the automower blades are very inexpensive so we would never suggest you do this.
Can an robot mower drive across drives and patios?
Answer is Yes, Most of the time we can achieve this.
Can  a robot mower cope with fallen branches?
Again Yes, Husqvarna automower has blades which pivot when hitting obstacles like this. Although we would still always advise you clear these objects as soon as possible. Other […]