Robot Lawnmower Maintenance

Robot lawn mower house

Should you provide you robotic lawn mower with a house? Does it really need a roof over its head?

robot mower wooden house production

We would recommend that you do cover your robot lawn mower. Almost all robotic lawnmowers are weather proof but covering with a canopy or a wooden house etc will defiantly pay off after years of use.

Like keeping a car in a garage the outer chassis will look better and remainder stronger for longer.

As well […]

New Automower Endurance Blades

New Automower Endurance Blades

We now have in stock the new Husqvarna Endurance Automower blades. They are brilliant and they provide more than twice the lifetime when compared to the original Automower blades. The patented design allows for a harder and sharper edge. This without compromising on safety standards and provides cutting edges on all four sides. The blades are slotted, and this allows the blade to swivel around and present a different cutting edge on every turn of […]

Automower Servicing – Protect your investment

 Now is the perfect time to get your machine serviced to ensure reliability for the next season.  Servicing is necessary for your Automower warranty and to reduce downtime during the season.
Our Automower servicing plan is based on the latest Husqvarna recommendations and updates.  We also update the software to the latest version so that your mower can benefit from the latest design improvements.
Please remember during the winter, make sure your Automower is fully charged and switched off before storing […]