Who We Are

We are robot mower installers providing specialist installation services for Husqvarna Automower and Gardena Sileno


Over 30 years of garden machinery experience and we love these amazing machines.  We offer satisfaction guarantees on robot mower installation plus servicing and repair.

Lawn care has never been so simple

  • Authorised robot mower installation specialist
  • Free no obligation site survey
  • Installations guaranteed for three years
  • Full after sales service

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Free and friendly advice from the experts

01594 841 014

Free site survey. No obligation quote. Satisfaction guarantee


Why we love Robotic Lawnmowers


  • Effortless operation for easy lawn care
  • Very economic – saving you money in the long run
  • Silent operation – for peace in your garden
  • Electric – so no messy, expensive and dangerous petrol
  • Cheaper than buy, run and maintain than a ride on
  • Robot mower installer for South West & South Wales
  • Free up your time!!

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  • Maintains a perfectly cut lawn.
  • Scheduling option, so it just works when you want it to
  • Fully automated, no intervention, no effort

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Great Features

  • Regular mowing means your lawn is always neat
  • Recycles your cuttings for greener lawns
  • Control cutting height to get results you want
  • In built security systems
  • Water and weather proof
  • Deal with obstacle and garden features

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Full service

We offer the full service.

  • Mincost is the Southwest’s premier robot mower installation specialist. We are the only Automower dealer that offers a complete solution; we will commission an Automower installation and guarantee it for three years. Our installation and servicing work is done by Husqvarna trained and experienced technicians who also provide continuous on-going support for the customer.  Every installation we do works and is guaranteed to work.

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Case Studies

Experienced in robotic lawn care

We have undertaken many installations and successfully installed on many challenging landscapes.



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