What height is the grass on a golf Course?

Have you ever wondered what is the height of the grass on a golf course, here is the quick answer for each section.

The height of grass on a golf course is very important it ranges from 3.5mm on the green to 50mm on the semi-rough.

A golf green is kept between 3.5mm -7.5mm. often it is cut using a specialist reel mower once a day.

The grass at the Tee is kept between 8-12mm again very short and using specialist equipment. Fore green is also cut to this height.

Now this is where it gets interesting for us at mRbot. The semi-rough needs to be between 30-50mm, which happens to be perfect height for a husqvarna automower to maintain. Also newly released Automower fairway kit will now allow Automowers to cut as low as 10mm. A golf fairway is cut between 12-25mm so again with this new fairway kit an automower can maintain large portions of a golf course.

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