Worried about Theft of your Robot Mower.


What happens if someone wants to steal your shiny new robot mower???

Of course security is important especially when you are not always home to monitor your robot Mower. Their are many security features on the robot mowers the main one being that they all have a pin code lock screen similar to a mobile phone. So with no pin number the machine will not operate. Lots of the models also have an alarm so if someone incorrectly enters the pin or picks up the robot mower the alarm will sound. The highest level of security allows the mowers to be tracked via an app on your phone or tablet. Husqvarna Automowers have a feature called Geo Fence, this feature allows the Automower to notify you if the Automower leaves your property.  Before you buy a robot mower make sure you check to see which security features are available for the model you are looking at.


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