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Robotic lawn mower for large lawns

Some robot lawn mowers can cut large lawns – but some can’t cope.

If you need a robotic lawn mower for large lawns there aren’t as many options as you might imagine. There are a great many of robot mowers on the market, but it is when larger sized gardens are to be covered that their shortcomings become apparent. Add in a bit of complexity, and some of them just can’t cope at all – you’ve wasted your […]

Do robotic lawn mowers work? Automower 450x – Before and after pictures

We’re often asked the question: do robotic lawn mowers work? Yes they do. Most people find it hard to believe that a small, electronic gadget can replace their expensive petrol lawnmower or tractor. Those very same people or often heard to say later, that the robot mower has been the best investment they have ever made, once they have experienced the results. After a few weeks the answer is clear: a robot mower can do it cheaper, […]

Will a Robotic Lawnmower Miss Areas of Grass?

Robotic Lawnmowers do an amazing job but…. do they miss areas of grass? A lawn which has lots of random tuffs is not going to look very good.
From our  experience if the correct robot Lawnmower has been chosen for the size and complexity of your lawn then it will not miss any grass. Hard to believe sometimes but its true and we have seen this for years.  However small sections outside of working area   Battery trimmer!
Why Battery?

Low running cost- as little […]

Robot Lawnmower helps to make your Lawn More Dense


So, how does an Robot Lawnmower help make your lawn more dense…

Grass Bleeds just like you when its cut. Of course its sap and not blood but its just as important to the grass. Now a jagged cut is slower to heal and more prone to infection and again this is true for grass as well. Automower Blades are less than 1mm thick providing you with a very clean cut. This limits the healing time and therefore reduces the […]