Will a Robotic Lawnmower Miss Areas of Grass?

Robotic Lawnmowers do an amazing job but…. do they miss areas of grass? A lawn which has lots of random tuffs is not going to look very good.

From our  experience if the correct robot Lawnmower has been chosen for the size and complexity of your lawn then it will not miss any grass. Hard to believe sometimes but its true and we have seen this for years.  However small sections outside of working area   Battery trimmer!

Why Battery?

  • Low running cost- as little as 4p to recharge a battery. So running costs compared to petrol are much less.
  • Low noise- 3dB(A) quieter than the petrol equivalent, more comfortable for the user and less disturbance to others.
  • Healthier- no direct emissions so very beneficial in confined spaces
  • Lower Vibration level- less moving parts helps to give less vibration

115il features an eco mode which allows run time up to 1 hour with the Bli20 battery. This should be more than enough time to trim the small sections of grass a robot lawnmower will miss.

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