Robot Lawnmower helps to make your Lawn More Dense


So, how does an Robot Lawnmower help make your lawn more dense…

  • Grass Bleeds just like you when its cut. Of course its sap and not blood but its just as important to the grass. Now a jagged cut is slower to heal and more prone to infection and again this is true for grass as well. Automower Blades are less than 1mm thick providing you with a very clean cut. This limits the healing time and therefore reduces the chance on infection.
  • Your lawn is at the ideal length all year round without the manual effort.  Ideal lawn length varies a lot depending on the type of grass and also peoples personal preference of what looks good. To short and the surface area of the leaf is too small to support healthy growth. Too long and the grass starts to bend and can block the sunlight to smaller leaves.  Between 40mm and 55mm provides a nice dense looking lawn in our opinion. (Height setting 4 or 5 on your Automower).  So the regular mowing which is achieved with an Automower helps keep the grass in the prime growing height.
  •  If you cut your grass from the same direction each time you mow then the grass will also start to lean in the same direction, this hinders the grasses ability to grow.  An Automowers random cutting pattern stops these problems and helps the grass to grow directly upwards. This random mowing pattern also helps to prevents any tracks forming and also creates a nice carpet-like lawn.
  • The clippings become a natural fertilizer, keeping your lawn lush, green and moss free. This will also reduce your spending on additional fertilizer you may purchase as well. So this answers a very common question we get  “where does the grass go when a robot lawn mower cuts your lawn”.

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