Robotic lawn mower for large lawns

Some robot lawn mowers can cut large lawns – but some can’t cope.

If you need a robotic lawn mower for large lawns there aren’t as many options as you might imagine. There are a great many of robot mowers on the market, but it is when larger sized gardens are to be covered that their shortcomings become apparent. Add in a bit of complexity, and some of them just can’t cope at all – you’ve wasted your money.

Husqvarna Automower is the best option for large lawns

At mrobot we’ve done the research for you. After years of experience we only install the Husqvarna Automower in large gardens. We find that most large gardens are also complex; with paths, ponds, tiers, trees, and separate interconnected lawns. There are some others that will do, but Husqvarna definitely lead the way in robotic lawnmowing. The other brands that are aimed at large areas are seldom as versatile as the Automower and do not provide the features that a large garden invariably needs.

For example: The Husqvarna Automower 450x is a robotic lawn mower that can cut very large lawns. It will cope with up to a 5000m2 maximum area with one machine – roughly around 20 tennis courts.

The Automower X range is remotely controllable so that settings for height, operating hours, security and many others are all available remotely on a smartphone screen.

If you have a larger area you can add more robots to cover. Customers that have multiple machines working then have the option to use the Husqvarna Fleet Management Tool. Aimed at large commercial applications, this allows control of a robotic lawn mower fleet from a computer.

The hours saved are huge and this equates to a large financial saving compared with other forms of lawn maintenance. Robotic lawnmowers can work 24 hours a day if required, or even cut at night when the lawns are not in use.

An example of Automower being used commercially

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