Robotic lawn mower for large Lawns

A Husqvarna Automower 450x RRP £3700 is a robotic lawn mower which can cut very large Lawns. 5000m2 is the maximum area with one machine which fairly large lawn, roughly around 20 Tennis courts.

If you have a larger area you can add more robotic lawn mowers. Customer you have multiple machines working may want to look at Husqvarnas Fleet management tool, this allows you to control your Robotic lawn mower fleet from a computer. Operating times and height can be controlled remotely using this.

The man hours saved are huge and this equates to a large financial saving compared with other forms of lawn maintenance. Robotic lawnmowers can also work 24 hours a day if required or potentially cut at night when the lawns are not in use.

An example of Automower’s being used commercially

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