Does a Robotic Lawnmower find its way back to the charging station?

So yes a robot Lawnmower will drive back to the charging station by itself.

There are many methods depending of the Brand and model.

At the moment  the best  Robotic Lawnmower on the market is the Husqvarna Automower 450x.

The charging station emits a signal to let the Automower find its location. This signal only reaches a few metres , so to get close the Automower will use the 3 methods below.

  • Irregular Method
  • Guide and Boundary Wires
  • GPS

This model will  always starts a search for the charging station using the Irregular method, on the condition that the delay times for the boundary wire or any of the guide wires are not set to 0 minutes. Irregular searching means that the Automower runs in an irregular pattern until it encounters the F field near the charging station. The strength of the F signal, which is required for the mower to react, is set in the Charging station range setting.

If a guide wire is installed and the delay time for this wire has elapsed, the Automower will start to search for and follow it to the charging station. If the delay time for the boundary wire also elapses before the Automower has found the charging station, the mower will also start searching for the boundary wire.

If the mower then finds and follows the boundary wire, it keeps going until it has found the charging station or crosses the guide wire. If it crosses the guide wire, the robotic lawnmower will follow it instead to the charging station.

When the mower follows the boundary wire or a guide wire, it travels a distance into the F field before the F and N signals direct it correctly into the charging station.If the boundary wire is laid around an island, the Automower follows the loop 2 times around the island before it leaves it and travels on to encounter the boundary wire at another point.

If the Automower encounters an obstacle while following the boundary wire, it passes it by traveling in one or more loops around the obstacle.

If the robotic lawnmower encounters an obstacle when it follows a guide wire, it passes it by running closer to the guide wire.





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