New Automower Endurance Blades

We now have in stock the new Husqvarna Endurance Automower blades. They are brilliant and they provide more than twice the lifetime when compared to the original Automower blades. The patented design allows for a harder and sharper edge. This without compromising on safety standards and provides cutting edges on all four sides. The blades are slotted, and this allows the blade to swivel around and present a different cutting edge on every turn of the cutting disc.

We advise regular inspection and a change of blades every month at least for the best results. It is essential to replace all three blades together to ensure that the blade disc assembly is balanced. We often see blades on robot mowers in our workshop that are completely blunt due to lack of this essential maintenance. The machine will still work, but it’s far from efficient and could be dangerous. It’s easy to do, and if you’re not sure how to do it, give us a call on 01594 840493 – we’ll be very pleased to help.

New Automower Endurance Blades

Husqvarna Automower Endurance blades are available in two pack sizes. Both packs are available in our online store for immediate dispatch. Each pack size is supplied with enough blade screws to allow you to replace all of them each time you change the blade. A pack of 45 is Husqvarna part number 595 08 44-02 and a 6 pack is 595 08 44-01

A few tips:

There are a few things to bear in mind when changing blades.

Firstly, these new Automower Endurance blades are sharp – please be careful when handling. Handle them carefully of you will have your fingers cut – we have the experience on this one. Always change the screws, which are provided in the blade pack. Our workshop often have Automowers brought in that have blade screws that are so rounded-off they can’t be extracted. The only option is drilling them, or even a new blade disc. It’s worth changing the screws every time.

A quick inspection

While you’ve got the underside visible, have a good look at the steel disc. it is dented and does it rotate freely, without hitting the blade screws? If it is damaged it will be causing vibration that could cause further damage. You also need to remove the cause. Automowers, like conventional mowers, are not designed to cut stones, tree roots of other hard objects. Please spend a bit of time walking the lawn to identify the problem to avoid the inevitable workshop repair bill.

The blades once replaced should move freely. The Enduarnce blade slot allows lateral movment, as well as rotation. It is very important that grass and mud have not built up on the disc to prevent this movement. If this buildup is scraped or brushed off, the cutting action will be improved and vibration reduced.

Beware of counterfeits

The internet is awash with cheap offers, but sometimes they may not be as cheap as they look. The non-genuine Automower blades on offer are not made of the same steel as the New Automower Endurance Blades and do not retain a cutting edge for long. The blade is an easy item to copy and visually, the copies look identical. The blade may be half the price but if it lasts half the time (or less) it’s not cheap. don’t buy them – they’re not worth it.

New Automower Endurance Blades
New Automower Endurance Blades

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