Do I need to prepare my Garden for a Robot Mower?

No generally a robot mower can be installed without you needing to do any modifications.
We would however recommend that you do think ahead.
Making small changes will help reduce your future workload, the main task is that you will need to maintain the edges of lawn where the Robot mower is unable to cut due to a physical barrier or the edge of a flower bed or pond etc.

Automowers for Commercial Use? Parks, Hotels , Playing Fields

New for 2018
Husqvarna have developed to commercial Automowers. 520 and the 550, Both models are specially for commercial applications. Offering the most efficient and sustainable way to consistently maintain areas of green space. Ideal for professionals and private or public enterprises who seek new ways to maintain grassed areas whilst enabling the redeployment of resources onto more important tasks.
The 500 Series robotic mowers all come with Husqvarna Fleet Services Built In, enabling fleet management and mower control from anywhere. […]