Husqvarna Automowers

Automated, effortless lawn maintenance. Have your grass cut by a superbly engineered Husqvarna Automower.  Once correctly installed the Automower will look after your grass, day or night and keep it looking absolutely beautiful.  There will be almost no noise, very little effort required, no tracks in the grass, no grass cuttings to dispose of, and yet you can be completely in control of when it cuts, and for how long, and precisely how long the grass should be.  Husqvarna have been the pioneers in robotics for grass cutting since the very first Automower was launched in 1993. They still lead the way, with constant innovation ensuring an Automower range that can reliably maintain lawns of all sizes and complexity. They do the job and are undoubtedly the best robot mowers in the world today, and the full range is available from Mincost Ltd for installation by our Husqvarna trained specialist team.