One Large Lawn with small secondary area included

Project Description

After seeing an Automower working at another customers address and receiving a recommendation from them this customer has no hesitation that this is the products he has been looking for.

Our customer was able to save a massive amount of time and no longer needs to rely on someone else for lawn care.

One large lawn connected to a smaller lawn near the house, separated by a wooden Gate. Customer will need to leave this gate open to allow the Automower to operate on both lawns.

When closed the Automower will only cut the lawn nearest the house.

We have included a  third lawn next to the side of the house.

The Automower cannot currently drive to this lawn, so the customer will have to manually move it. One benefit is you can then have this lawn cut to a different length if you wanted too.

Automower 450x Selected

Customer Review

I bought a Husqvarna 450X Automower after I had seen one working at a nearby property and I could not be more delighted with it. It runs unattended and all I have to do is sit and watch the lawn improve day-by-day (and occasionally strim around the edges).

It may have an initial cost equivalent to a cheaper ride-on mower but it has a number of significant advantages over a ride-on mower:
1. There are no grass cuttings to dispose of and the lawn is continually being improved by the mulching of the fine grass clippings.
2. It is cheaper to run and more environmentally friendly. The electricity usage is trivial compared to the cost of petrol. The annual servicing by Mincost is cheaper than an annual service of a ride-on.
3. The grass is always at the perfect length
4. It is quiet and unobtrusive

It is the best garden investment I ever made. I cannot recommend it highly enough. If you have a lawn or lawns that you do not want to mow with a push mower because it is too time-consuming or too awkward then in my view you should be looking at an automower and not a ride-on. Since my immediate neighbour saw mine at work, he has now discarded his ride-on and bought a 450X like me!

Although you can buy the install kit and do it yourself, I would say that the small additional cost of having it done by an expert is well worth it and, since he installed it, Chris has at Mincost has been most helpful and always available to offer help and advice. I would definitely recommend Mincost for the experience they have in selecting the correct model to suit the area and complexity and their experience in a wide variety of installations.


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