Commercial Automower – Parks, Schools,Hotels,Football Grounds

Project Description

Professional Lawn maintenance

We have the best solution on the market for maintaining large areas of grass. We have seen the results over the years,  the finish and the reliability of our robot lawn mowers are perfect for a commercial application.

If you our responsible for the grounds of a hotel, tourist attraction or business park etc.  Where grass needs cutting a professional robot mower is now the best option.

Five reasons a robot lawn mower is the best way to cut commercial lawns

  1. Cost- labour and maintenance costs are reduced.
  2. You can cut the anytime of the day and night.
  3.  Much better for the environment  than a petrol machine
  4. Low noise – ideal for hospitals and care homes
  5. Remotely monitor the status – remote tracking for security




Investing in robotic mowers allow you to mow lawns at a considerably lower cost per square metre. All while you free up man hours to take on more qualified – and more profitable – jobs. And since Automower is quiet, unobtrusive and provides an excellent cutting result, it’s sure to keep your customers happy.