Automower 315 Installed on 3 lawns

Project Description

Complex automower 315 installation

This customer had come to us after a recommendation from a friend. She had seen how successful the installation had worked at the other property even with the complexity narrow passages and slopes.  She made contact and we went out to survey her property to see what we could offer.  The total area was around 1200m split into 3 sections.

The charging station was positioned by the house and set back slightly off the lawn.

We installed the perimeter  cable around the first lawn and then created a crossing onto the second lawn. a small amount of landscaping was required to create a grass ramp so the automower could travel across this path. You can see this in the pictures.

The last section of lawn was across the drive and like before the lawn was raised around above the drive this time around 1 foot, we created another grass ramp so the automower could travel up onto this lawn.


Automower 315 Selected

Customers review

I would certainly recommend both the automower and mrobot to install it.
It was fast and efficient.
Investment: it will take quite some time for amortisation but in the meantime one doesn’t have to remember to buy petrol for the mower.
I can’t say my lawn has improved but then we’ve had VERY  little rain since it was installed- so I reserve judgment. A big bonus, I think, is that the lawn looks very tidy every day of the week and not just for 2 or 3 days after it’s been mowed. And its  SO
Quiet. So I think it’s a success!  Christl Pearson

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