Stihl iMow

Stihl, the German engineering world leaders have produced the iMow, which reliably cuts and maintains thousands of gardens throughout Europe.  Stihl are renowned for design and quality, and the iMow is no exception.  With several unique features iMow have a huge following by homeowners who love the quiet, effortless iMow lawnmower.

iMow is among the fastest robotic mowers on the market, but it’s not enough to just cut quickly, the result must be top quality too. Therefore iMow adjusts it’s working speed according to the gradient of the lawn, the grass length and humidity for a precise finish.

The iMow uses a double sided blade made from the best quality German high carbon steel.  The blade rotation changes direction at each stop, allowing even wear and a longer service life.  For maximum safety the blade stops as soon as someone tries to lift the iMow.  The iMow blade finely shreds the grass clippings which are mulched back into the lawn acting as an effective and natural fertiliser, keeping your lawn looking good and healthy.

Have an iMow installed by our robotic mower installation team and never have to cut your lawn again.