Author - Chris Harrison

How does a Robot Lawnmower Work?

Years of development has gone into making robot lawn mowers work around the clock to deliver a well kept lawn despite bad weather, complex shapes, steep slopes, narrow passages and other obstacles.
The quick answer:
A Robot Lawnmower works inside an area defined by a boundary wire. Cutting little and often, it moves in a irregular pattern to prevent tracks forming. Returns to its charging station by itself to charge and then restarts. The size and complexity of the lawn will dictate how […]

Will a Robotic Lawnmower Miss Areas of Grass?

Robotic Lawnmowers do an amazing job but…. do they miss areas of grass? A lawn which has lots of random tuffs is not going to look very good.
From our  experience if the correct robot Lawnmower has been chosen for the size and complexity of your lawn then it will not miss any grass. Hard to believe sometimes but its true and we have seen this for years.  However small sections outside of working area   Battery trimmer!
Why Battery?

Low running cost- as little […]

Differences between Self Install or Professional Robot Lawnmower Install

Whats involved if you do the robot Lawnmower installation your self
Choosing the correct Robot Lawnmower for your lawn.
You will need to buy the materials, Loop wire, Pegs, Couplers and connectors.  These can be bought individually or you can buy prepacked  installation kits to suit different size areas and complexities. Estimating how much you need can be difficult and your more than welcome to get in touch if you need assistance. Buy Materials Here
Each robot Lawnmower comes with instructions for how […]

Automower Connect – Control your Robotic Lawnmower Remotely

Automower Connect brings the mower’s menu system to your smartphone, making it easy to read and change the mower settings remotely. You can start, stop and  park your robot Lawnmower from your smartphone.  In case of theft, you will get an alarm and be able to track your mower’s position. This feature is only available on selected models.


Robot Lawnmower helps to make your Lawn More Dense


So, how does an Robot Lawnmower help make your lawn more dense…

Grass Bleeds just like you when its cut. Of course its sap and not blood but its just as important to the grass. Now a jagged cut is slower to heal and more prone to infection and again this is true for grass as well. Automower Blades are less than 1mm thick providing you with a very clean cut. This limits the healing time and therefore reduces the […]

Automower Servicing – Protect your investment

 Now is the perfect time to get your machine serviced to ensure reliability for the next season.  Servicing is necessary for your Automower warranty and to reduce downtime during the season.
Our Automower servicing plan is based on the latest Husqvarna recommendations and updates.  We also update the software to the latest version so that your mower can benefit from the latest design improvements.
Please remember during the winter, make sure your Automower is fully charged and switched off before storing […]

Does a Robotic Lawnmower find its way back to the charging station?

So yes a robot Lawnmower will drive back to the charging station by itself.
There are many methods depending of the Brand and model.
At the moment  the best  Robotic Lawnmower on the market is the Husqvarna Automower 450x.

The charging station emits a signal to let the Automower find its location. This signal only reaches a few metres , so to get close the Automower will use the 3 methods below.

Irregular Method
Guide and Boundary Wires

This model will  always starts a search for […]

robot mower servicing workshop

New Automower Diagnostic Bench

New Automower Diagnostic workbench installed.

This bench allows us to test multiple generations and platforms of Robotic Lawnmowers.

Each of our installers has a laptop with the latest Autocheck software.

We can also test the Charging station. F and N signals as well as the perimeter loop and guide wires.